The following passages are some of the translation works done and
delivered by our professional translators and experts. They are of a
variety of types of writing, including contract, agreement, company
brochure, press release, business proposal, industry/market report,


prospectus for IPO, user manual, technical specifications, and so on, and
cover a wide rang of industries and disciplines such as legal, pharmaceutical, financial and banking, real estate, TV/broadcasting, IT/software, telecommunications, engineering, energy, transportation areas.

  By exhibiting the following passages which, by careful selection, contains no commercially sensitive material, we express our deep gratitude to the owners of these documents, i.e., our clients/patrons, whose names are omitted here.

1. Laws, by-laws and contracts; 2. Medicine and pharmaceuticals;
3. Finance and banking; 4. Real estate;
5. TV/broadcasting, IT/Telecom 6. Marketing
7. Culture  
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