We offer professional translation with strict quality control standards and essential support services to meet our clients¨ special needs.
  Basically, all our translation work is a result of collaboration between professional translators and industry experts following the three steps below:
  , Initial translation

  Our chief translator reads the document first. This translator then puts together a glossary of terms that which will be used through out the translation process in order to maintain a high level of consistency. The project is then sent out to our professional translators who will translate the document into the target language.

  , Proofreading and quality control check
  After the initial translation, a language editor proofreads the document for accuracy and grammatical correctness. This editor ensures that the project achieves the highest standards of excellence.

  , Formatting
  An expert in desk top publishing compares the translation with your original copy and makes the translated document look like the original by verifying the formatting, graphics, fonts, etc.
  Transwill Translation Service has a collection of more than 100 dictionaries ranging over 30 different fields, more than 60 Chinese and English reference books in the areas of PRC and foreign law, medicine and pharmaceuticals, computer science, telecommunications, chemical industry, intellectual property and other areas. In-house and freelance translators working for Transwill are updated with glossaries of the latest expressions on a regular basis.

  Transwill Translation Service adheres to the strictest standards of confidentiality. Every member of our staff is bound by a signed confidentiality agreement and is forbidden to even talk about what he/she is working on to outsiders. We take our responsibility towards our clients' privacy very seriously. Our clients are assured that the chief translator, the initial translator, the proofreader and the formatting expert who work on their documents will be the only people to see them.
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